Breathe Salt – Revitalize & Relieve

Dry Salt Therapy: It’s natural and gentle. And it works for a range of conditions — the everyday cold and the flu, allergies, respiratory ailments, skin conditions, even snoring, stress and fatigue.

What is dry salt therapy?

More and more people are discovering the benefits of dry salt therapy — also known as halotherapy. It’s become a household word in Europe and more and more Canadians are embracing its benefits as facilities across the country are offering this treatment to their clients.

By harnessing the power of salt, a natural substance found in the ground and in plants, salt therapy can do wonders for your health. In fact, it is used effectively as an anti-inflammatory to:

{ strengthen the body’s immune system }
{ reduce inflammation of the respiratory system }

Dry salt therapy has other benefits: it can increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications and even decrease the amount prescribed. The treatment can be used independently or to complement your existing drug-based or holistic approaches.

No wonder many people are turning to dry salt therapy to revitalize their body — and improve their quality of life. Just breathe salt.


Experience the benefits of dry salt therapy and improve the following symptoms and conditions:

How does dry salt therapy treatment work?

The process for dry salt therapy is simple.
Relax … and consider this to be a part of your experience to revitalize and relieve. 


Adults $45 (per session)
Children $29 (per session)

Clothing Note:
Wear comfortable, loose clothing.

For skin conditions, you can either wear one of our bathrobes or bring something that can be adjusted to expose the affected area, such as a bathing suit, shorts or sleeveless shirt.


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